Use Caution – Wet Road Conditions

//Use Caution – Wet Road Conditions

Use Caution – Wet Road Conditions

With the large amount of rain we’ve received throughout the past month, be advised that both the ‘L’ access road and all range roads are in poor condition.

There are various sections that are flooded.

On the first stretch of the ‘L’ road, the rig matting getting to be a bit of a challenge. The surface is slick and there are multiple large potholes.

Wet Roads
Further, roads within the range are very soft, and caution should be used to avoid causing any unnecessary damage.

We’ll need a small handful of days of sunshine to dry everything up. Looking promising, if just for a bit, over the next few days.

While conditions remain wait and the road saturated, use caution and travel slowly. Larger vehicles are advised.

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