Trophy Scoring – Last Chance! – May 9

//Trophy Scoring – Last Chance! – May 9

We had a small handful of members brave the winter storms of late April.

Yeah. Really. April. Damned near May. About a foot of the heavy and wet white stuff, complete with high-winds, low-visibility and power outages. I love this province, but some days…

As such, we’d very much like to offer one more chance to get your trophies scored before our upcoming Awards Night.

Rick Stelter, scorer extraordinaire, will provide trophy scoring on May 9th between 5pm – 8pm.

Please contact Rick at 780-723-6485 to setup a time to visit him at his shop.

So for those who were unable to drop by the trade show, please take this opportunity to get your trophies scored. The Awards Night is shaping up nicely, and you’ve got some pretty good odds at a prize or two.

Thanks, Rick. Your services are very much appreciated.

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