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Catch a Poacher Reward Program

Members of Unifor Local 447 made a $2000.00 contribution to the CAP reward as soon as they heard about the intent to work with the Fish and Wildlife Officers who are seeking the individuals responsible for the recent Shot and Left Wildlife in the Edson area. Robin Campbell Minister of Sustainable Resource Development was on hand to show his support for the collaborative work being done by the Fish and Game Association, the Community and the Provincial Fish and Wildlife Officers to address the Poaching in the Edson Area.

Featured in the photo from left to right are Officer Scott Kallweit Vice President of Unifor Local 447 Dave Bulmer, Ken Williamson President of the Edson Fish and Game Association, Officer Chad Kujat, and Minister of SRD, Robin Campbell.

We want to encourage anyone who has information about the recent shot and left Wildlife in the Edson area to contact The local Fish and Wildlife officer or the Provincial Report a Poacher program. Responsible Hunters and the community at  large value our Wildlife and want the
individuals responsible for this disrespectful waste stopped. Anyone else wishing to contribute to the CAP reward for these offenses can do so through the contact information provided on the program description on the Website.

A partnership between the Edson Fish and Game Association and The Report a Poacher Program.
The Edson Fish and Game Association has put up a $1000.00 reward and they are inviting the public to join them in raising a reward for information leading to the arrest of the individuals responsible for the recent needless and wasteful slaughter of Wildlife in the Edson Area. Fish and Wildlife Officers have confirmed 6 Moose, 15 Deer, 4 Elk, and 1 Black Bear have been shot and left.
Hunters respect the animals they have the privilege to harvest and they are committed to using the meat. The actions of the individuals responsible for the suffering and subsequent waste of these animals are crimes against nature on an alarming scale. As responsible Hunters we want to lend our support to the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Officers investigating this Crime.

The reward funds raised will be administered by the Alberta Conservation Association in addition to the rewards offered by the Provincial Report A Poacher program. The reward will be targeted to these recent incidents in the Edson area. To Contribute to the reward make your cheque payable to  the Edson Fish and Game Association Catch A Poacher CAP  Fund at PO Box 7077 Edson Alberta T7E 1V3.Please  let us know in writing if you wish to be recognized on the Donors list.

If you have information on these or any other Wildlife offences, you are encouraged to call the Edson Fish and Wildlife Office at780-723-8244 or the 24-hour Report a Poacher line at 1-800-642-3800.Callers can choose to remain anonymous and could qualify for a reward. The activity of the individuals responsible for these crimes does not reflect the behavior of the law abiding and ethical hunting community.

Reward Administration

  • The Reward will be administered through the provincial Report a Poacher Program and dedicated to the shot and left offences of the 2013 hunting season, in the Edson area.
  • The amount of reward (s) approved for any case are based on the quality of information received, the nature of the offence, and the extent to which the informant assisted officers in the investigation. In assessing the potential reward (s) for this investigation we would follow these guidelines and then additionally redistribute EFGA contributions accordingly.
  • In order to protect the identity/confidentiality of callers, it will be the sole responsibility of the FWEB to determine the eligibility, value and process of reward distribution. Whether the caller comes forth as a witness, meaning they are prepared to testify in open court, or as a confidential or anonymous informant, the FWEB still has obligations to protect privacy.
  • Any unused EFGA funds will be returned to the Edson Fish and Game Association if not distributed or allocated, by December 31, 2015. The Association will dedicate unused funds to conservation and the prevention of future poaching in the Edson area.