Long Rifle Range Maintenance Delayed

//Long Rifle Range Maintenance Delayed

Hello EFGA Members,

Poor weather over the last couple of weeks has caused multiple delays with completing some required long rifle range maintenance. Ironically, the original plan was to get this done mid-September ‘before the snow flies’. Yes, those words were said.

The unexpected winter-like weather has caused poor conditions and scheduling difficulties with personnel and equipment.

We’re well aware that there are multiple gongs throughout the long rifle range that are down and in need of replacing and re-hanging.

We certainly intend to get this done before too long, but would very much appreciate everyone’s continued patience. We will get everything coordinated at the next possible opportunity.

Further, keep in mind that even though it’s still September, slow down and use caution when traveling on all range roads. Certain areas will be soft and slippy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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