Ansel Tower Range – CLOSED

//Ansel Tower Range – CLOSED
It is with mixed emotions that we must officially announce the final chapter of our Ansel Tower Road Range:

As of May 7 2015, The Ansel Tower Road range is CLOSED.

Although we have previously announced an expected closure date of August 2015, certain events have forced an earlier closure than anticipated. Access road insurance issues have arisen due to business dealings beyond our control. Considering a difference of only a couple of months to the original closure date, the EFGA felt that it was neither worth the expense or fight to prolong the inevitable.

The Ansel Tower Road Range has served the Edson & area shooters for more than 50 years! We are forever grateful to the many members, volunteers, and supporters the the EFGA has enjoyed over these years. We have enjoyed a steady growth in membership and have been able to accommodate an increasing amount of shooting disciplines. Although we will miss our small range, we are all very much looking forward to the future at our new range.

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We Need Your Help!

Please help us with the take-down, cleanup, and transfer of various structures to the new facility.
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The Longest Mile

In recent years, with an increasing amount of concerns regarding road access, encroaching development, and the political landscape, it became necessary to look for a new home.

Due to member’s efforts, land for The Longest Mile Range was secured and developed in an extremely short period of time. Aside from building a full service facility that boasts one of the longest ranges in all of Canada, it also ensured that we’d have a place to shoot uninterrupted. Certification and approval was granted by summer of 2014.

We all have many plans and hopes for the evolution of our new range. There’s a long list of projects to complete and infrastructure to build. With the help of our members and volunteers, we’re striving to continue to build and maintain a range we can all be proud of.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

See you all at the Longest Mile,
Edson Fish & Game Association

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